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Corporate identity theft crimes will cost businesses alone more than $60 Billionthis year. Your business doesn't have to be one of them.

John Sileo, a two-time victim of identity theft and America's top identity theft speaker, will inspire your audience to protect valuable company information as if it were their own. And he does it in a very different, highly entertaining way — by making it personal!

Organizations that proactively educate their team members about identity theft protection, drastically reduce their chances of a costly data breach. Your audience will experience first-hand what data theft feels like, and the resulting costs of poor privacy practices. John gets the audience up on their feet, laughing and learning. Increased awareness inside of your organization translates into an immediate return on your speaking investment.

Safe data is profitable data, whether it's a client's credit card number, a patient's medical file, an employees benefit plan or sensitive intellectual capital. By the time John finishes his hilarious closing story, your audience will be fully empowered to protect private information, at home and at work.

John's Most Requested Program
Think Like a Spy

Think Like a Spy

Information Survival Skills

The biggest threat to our identities (and to valuable corporate data) is our lack of a Privacy Reflex. Few of us have ever been trained to respond appropriately when someone requests our sensitive information. Think of how easily you give your information away on the Internet when someone promises you a free gift. This presentation will give your audience the fundamental building blocks to proactively protect valuable information assets. The result is a safer individual with strategic privacy skills that protect your organization's bottom line.

To bridge the gap between personal protection and professional privacy, Think Like a Spy can be paired with one or more of the profit-focused add-on components below.

Think Like a Spy

Supplementary Presentations for Think Like a Spy
Safe Data is Profitable Data

Bulletproof Your Business Against Breach

Extinguishing Privacy Hotspots

Identity theft and corporate data loss are a huge financial cost and legal liability to corporations and organizations. It is imperative in the information economy to train your work-force on how to protect those information assets, whether they are digital, physical or intellectual.

Bulletproof Your Business Against Breach

MySpace isn't MySpace

7 Sins of Social Networking

Controlling Information Over-Exposure

In the realm of social media and social networking, your organization will either control, or be controlled. The sooner you develop a strategy for dealing with this digital venue for human relationships, the smarter and safer your organization will be from the fraud and data loss that occurs in the process.

7 Sins of Social Networking

Your Financial Institution as Hero

Your Financial Institution as Hero

Protecting Customers against Identity Theft

No one is in a better position to educate individuals about identity theft prevention than financial institutions. Not only do they have the “financial ear” of their clients, but they have a responsibility to protect their customers and members from this highly financial crime. This speech applies to banks, credit unions, insurance companies, brokers, financial planners, accountants, etc.

Your Financial Institution as Hero

Getting What You Want

Getting What You Want

Weapons of Manipulation & Tools of Influence

Now, more than ever, knowledge is power - once you can identify the tools of persuasion being used against you, your vulnerability drops radically. The benefits are immediate, whether you are buying a used car, evaluating a potential date, hiring a new employee or discipling your teenager. In this speech, discover how to avoid manipulation so you can positively control the outcomes in your life.

Getting What You Want

Protecting Identity by Outsmarting the Enemy

Federal Trade Commission

Your presentation helped to reinforce the important yet common sense tools that we all can use to protect our own privacy, and that we at the FTC can apply to protecting the personal information that the public entrusts to us. Over 150 staff members attended your informative and entertaining presentation and the response was very positive.

It was a pleasure to work with you and your staff and we appreciate your highlighting the importance of protecting data and the devastating effects that can result from a data breach.

— Kellie Cosgrove Riley, CPO, Federal Trade Commission

Deputy Under Secretary of Defense

Your keynote presentation Think Like a Spy: Identity Theft Prevention was particularly well-received and a key reason why the vast majority of attendees expressed that this year's conference was the best and most informative to date. Your personal experiences with identity theft and humorous approach to this serious subject gave attendees a keen insight as to how to prevent identity theft for Service members and families.

— Tommy T. Thomas, Deputy Under Secretary of Defense


Your presentation was outstanding! We continue to receive numerous positive comments about your presentation, which our audience found highly inspiring, informative, and fun. As a result of your presentation, we've seen important progress in employees' awareness toward our agency's goal of protecting sensitive personal information from harms, such as identity theft, through increased employee awareness. Your memorable tips for safeguarding data at home will certainly lead to safer data at FDIC.

— Michael Bartell, CIO, Chief Privacy Officer and Director, Division of Information Technology FDIC

Blue Cross/Blue Shield

Awesome presentation! Perfect for closing the conference.

— Jennifer, Blue Cross/Blue Shield


I attended Pfizer’s Annual Information Security Officer’s Conference. The Inspirational Speaker was Mr. John Sileo. John’s presentation was captivating, to say the least. His story is phenomenally sad. John rose above it all and now provides fantastic advice to companies and individuals on how to protect their identity. I left John’s presentation as equally inspired as when I left Mark Sanborn’s presentation. [If John speaks there next year,] I’ll be sitting in the front row!

— R. LaChance, Pfizer

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